You Fill It!

Our daily wastes range from food, the yard, and even our beloved pets. No matter what we do we as humans we ALWAYS create trash. Many households use scented trash bags to deter that terrible smell, but we all know those bags get leaks and some things make it outside without even getting into a bag. Then we often go months, if not years, without cleaning our outside bins, letting the buildup of stench and bacteria continue to grow - UNTIL NOW!

They Pick It Up!

Your Waste Management company or city service provider comes to collect the trash from each household weekly. Once a month, or every 4 weeks, after they've come, simply leave your can on the curb until the end of the day and we'll come by to Clean, Sanitize, and Deodorize!

We Clean It!

First we remove all remaining debris left behind from the pick up.

Then, using our custom built Truck/Trailer with high temperature, high pressure wand to spray and clean the outside of the bin. After this we use our lift to clean the inside of the bin capturing and disposing of all water and debris created. Thus leaving a clean bin, but we aren't done there!

We need to Sanitize! Using a eco- friendly sanitation solution to lightly spray inside the bin killing any bacteria left from the high temperature wash!

Glad knowing that the bin has been Sanitized but what about the smell of the trash! We finish off the cleaning with a great

Cherry Scented Deodorizer!

You Love It!

When you bring your trash bin back into your garage or to your door front at the end of your trash service day you are bringing back a Clean, Sanitized, and Great Smelling bin.